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Living Room Sets

Living Room Sets

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Living room furniture sets should be both functional and comfortable while also maintaining their strength for a long period of time. You can examine our selection of living room sets, all of which come with these three basic features, along with a variety of color options.

Sectional Sets

In addition to providing large spaces for family and guests, sectional living room sets are also designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere. Various types of furniture, such as L-shaped and round-shaped, are typically used in large living rooms.

Sectional sets’ platform foundation systems prevent sagging and outlast spring systems by three times.

Reclining Sets

With its relatively low clearance from the wall when fully reclined, a recliner living room sofa set is an ideal piece of furniture for any home. In addition, reclining sets’ sleek design and elegant upholstery make them look good in any setting.

A recliner can be adjusted easily via the lever on the side of the chair. Its rack structure is usually made of stainless steel, while its framework is usually made of solid wood. Relaxation or longing is made easy with their design. The sponge cushion and ergonomic backrest provide exceptional comfort and durability.

Accent Chair Sets

It's important to consider fabric quality and functionality when picking a chair since you'll spend hours on it. You can also make a statement with your accent chair by choosing a bold, colorful fabric or pattern to add some personality to a neutral room. Prices are affected by the chair's mechanics and construction. Motion chairs cost more than stationary chairs.

Ottoman Sets

Ottomans sets are versatile, cheap living room sets that can be used in the living room or bedroom. You can use them to kick up your feet, place a tray on top for drinks or snacks, or even customize them with different colors, fabrics, and patterns to match your decor.

For a neutral decorative living room furniture set, we offer Ottomans in three distinct colors: light gray, chocolate, and dark gray.

Rocker Recliners

Rocker recliners are built with a platform seat foundation and offer two primary functions, as indicated by their name - the ability to rock and recline. When not in a reclining position, these chairs provide a smooth and graceful motion for a relaxing rocking experience. However, the rocking and reclining motions operate independently, and the chair cannot rock while in a reclined position.

To fully recline, these living room sofas typically require about eight inches of space. Rocker recliners can be beneficial for small children and insomniacs, as the gentle rocking motion can be helpful for sleep. Additionally, mothers can enjoy the comfort of these chairs while nursing or snuggling with their young children.

Sleeper Sofa Sets

In the past, sleeper sofa set for living room were typically made in only one way, and they were not very comfortable. The mattresses inside had to be thin enough to fold up.

However, today they feature curvaceous lines, fancifully turned feet, rail, and arm panels yet resemble the intricate details of the past. With thick cushions covered in durable and plush teak brown upholstery, they can complement a range of color schemes. Most commonly, these sleeper sofas are queen-sized, and they can be pulled out when needed.

Traditional Living Room Sets

Your living space will look rich and luxurious with a classic living room sofa set. Black and brown are the most common colors for traditional armchairs. So here is a good pick for you; Black Living Room Set Loveseat from our traditional selection. A 3 piece living room set can also be used in combination.

Contemporary Living Room Sets

With a deep, comfortable sectional to relax and recuperate on, you can restrict and divide the room into functional zones, maximizing every corner for seating. So whether you're hosting large parties or spending quality time with family, sectionals with sheds, lounges, U-shapes, conversation pits, or sleeper sofas can accommodate any occasion.

When selecting upholstery, it's important to consider your lifestyle and needs. For example, if you have young kids or pets, look for easy-to-clean, low-maintenance fabrics that can withstand wear and tear.

The perfect lounge sectional should have the right proportions, allowing you to sink comfortably into deep, low seats and soft fiber-down blend back cushions.

What to Look for When Buying a Living Room Set?

Your taste is important, but there are some essential tips to consider. Firstly, you should know the function of the space you're creating and ensure the arrangements are conducive to conversation. Secondly, choosing a couch that fits the space correctly is important, not too small or too big. Lastly, quality is important, so opt for a solid hardwood frame and durable fillings that can be reupholstered when necessary.

How to Arrange Furniture in the Living Room Properly?

Measuring your room should be your first step to creating functional, attractive spaces. With dimensions, you can evaluate many opportunities at a furniture store.

Depending on the transition route, you can create a focal point. And you should design your furniture accordingly. For example, small rooms shouldn't be overcrowded with large pieces of furniture.

What Makes a Couch Look Expensive?

The feet are the greatest impact on the couch. Replacing them will give your room a richer appearance. You can renew the cushions and sofa fabric. Oversized and overstuffed pillows are another way to make them look rich.

How Much Does a Living Room Set Cost?

Your living room set furniture serves as the hub of your home, where you can entertain guests, relax, and watch TV with your family. The size of the room will determine how much furniture you can accommodate in the space. Keep in mind that the more furniture you have, the more expensive it will be to furnish the room.

Leather living room sets are generally more costly than other materials. Opting for top-grain leather can increase the price of your sofa or chair by two and a half times. However, genuine leather is timeless and retains its value over time.

Transform your living room with Redwood Furniture's stylish living room sets. Shop now at California's premier Furniture Store for exceptional quality and value. Contact us now to offer the most beautiful living rooms for you.

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