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Brighten up your sleep space with our exquisite collection of bedroom mirrors. Redwood offers every piece which are designed with craftsmanship and style to create a perfect blend of functionality and beauty. 


Spruce up Your Interiors

We offer bedroom mirrors in a wide range, from classic antiques to sleek modern pieces, and allow you to create a look that speaks to your style. Whether you’re asleep or awake, these mirrors add depth to your bedroom and enhance its aesthetic appeal.


Variety to Match Every Decor

We have an assortment of mirrors including full-length ideas for your floor or wall, vanity sets, and accent mirrors that you can hang above nightstands and dressers. Choose a gilded mirror to accompany your bed or buy a minimalist one for a streamlined design. Redwood has satisfying options for everyone. 


Crafted With Quality

Our bedroom mirrors aren’t just amazing for decorations, they are also a manifestation of quality, longevity, and durability. We have solid wood frames, sturdy metal stand designs, and mold-resistant treatments so that you can make use of them for years to come. To keep your mirrors dazzling and flawless, we also share expert tips for their cleaning and maintenance. 


Mirrors With Details

If you want to give a more personalized touch to your bedroom, we offer mirrors with special features like built-in LED lights and jewelry organizers. These modifications add convenience and modernity to your bedroom and bring functionality to your fingerprints.


Full-Length Mirrors

Perfect for dressing up to the nines, our full-length mirrors dramatically enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room and make it appear bigger and more inviting.


Dresser Mirrors

Give your dresser an extra dash of charm with our selection of dresser mirrors. They come in various shapes, sizes, and design elements, and help you bring your design theme full circle.


Accent Mirrors

Accent mirrors break up the monotony of a wall and liven up your room by serving as the focal point of your interior design. Explore our selection of accent mirrors in various designs ready to bounce around light in your bedroom.


Easy Shopping Experience

Buying your favorite bedroom from Redwood Home Furniture (San Jose,CA) is as seamless as it gets. Narrow down the catalog based on your choice of size, shape, style, price, and more. High-resolution images and detailed descriptions make sure that you get a nearly tangible shopping experience and never make the wrong choice.

So sparkle your bedrooms ever more with our flawless mirrors. Our diverse and curated collection makes sure that you find the mirror that’s perfect for you.

At Redwood, we don’t just sell furniture, we sell durability, excellence, and a lasting peace of mind. So take the leap and let a Redwood mirror reflect your elegance and sophistication every day!

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