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Welcome to the world of Redwood Bedroom furniture where we blend functionality and style to craft furniture that your bedroom deserves!

Your bedroom is your oasis where you rest, relax and recharge. Redwood understands that it should be as elegant as you are. We proudly present our wide variety of bedroom furniture pieces ranging from king-size beds to mirrors, nightstands, and chests. 

With Redwood bedroom furniture, your bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It's your aesthetic retreat where you can rejuvenate with your family leaving all your worldly cares behind. Let’s dive further to see what Redwood has for you. 


Bedroom Sets

Do you want all your bedroom furniture to seamlessly match and blend to give a consistent and coherent look? Our bedroom sets have got your back. These sets are carefully curated and elegantly designed with sophisticated and timeless themes that give your bedroom a unique harmonious feel.

When it comes to your bedroom, everyone has the right to furnish their room the way they like. Redwood knows it. Therefore, we have bedroom sets for every type of practicality and aesthetic preference, ensuring that you get the set that suits you the best.

Teen Bedroom Sets

You kids want a bedroom that radiates fun, warmth, and vivaciousness. And Redwood just knows how to do it. 

Our teen bedroom sets collection caters to your child’s delicate sensibilities, adding a touch of joy to create a space they’re absolutely stoked with. 

Explore our collection for every type of room and design and find the one perfect for the younger members of your family. 

Kings Beds

Spacious, stylish, and cozy, Redwood’s king-size beds add an extra layer of grandeur to your master bedroom. 

You can sleep with your partner and your child without any space constraints. So let yourself stretch out with our luxurious king-size beds. 

Queen Beds

Our queen-size beds provide an ideal level of comfort and intimacy. Perfect for couples and single sleepers who prefer more space. 

Choose classic, modern, or other designs that complement your bedroom.

Full Beds

Elevate your sleep quality without crowding your bedroom. If you’re running low on space, our full-size beds provide you with the same level of comfort while taking less space. 

Perfect for furnishing guest rooms. Best suited for teenagers. 

Twin Beds

Twin beds are ideal for kids or teenagers. They occupy the least space in your room but provide the same comfort, elegance, and aesthetics that define Redwood.

Dressers & Mirrors

Our dressers keep your room clean and organized. Redwood’s versatile collection of different styles and features helps you conform it with other furniture in your room. 

Multiple drawers and ample storage can hide anything from the view.

Combining the storage options and grooming space together in one sleek package, dressers with mirrors organize your bedroom while helping you look your best.


No bedroom is complete without the bed’s companion; a nightstand. Redwood’s nightstands offer functionality and convenience by providing a room for your everyday essentials. 

Our nightstands blend with your other bedroom furniture pieces and add to its elegance.


If you need sufficient storage in your bedroom, Redwood chests are here for you. 

With multiple drawer options, you can find the one that suits your needs. As a bonus, they can also double as TV stands.

Bunk Beds

Are you really tight on room space? Or do you have a shared room? Or maybe you love having sleepovers with your friends at the weekends? 

A bunk bed is all you need. It accommodates multiple sleepers while taking minimal ground space making your bedtime more fun and delightful.

Bedroom Vanities

Achieve your picture-perfect appearance daily with Redwood bedroom vanities. They keep your makeup and personal care items neatly arranged so that you can look like a million dollars on any occasion.

Buy Bedroom Sets at Redwood

At Redwood, we believe that your bedroom should reflect your personality and elegance. Therefore, we have got all you need. 

Dive into our vast furniture collection and take a step forward toward your perfect haven. In this bedroom category, we have made your selection journey easy and fulfilling so that you can order your furniture in a breeze.

You can shop online now or you can visit our home furniture store in San Jose.

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