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Dining Room Cabinets

Dining Room Cabinets

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Redwood knows that your dining room isn’t just a place to have meals, it’s the haven where memories form. Along with your favorite foods and cherished conversations, your Redwood dining room cabinet is also a part of these memories, standing there silently as the custodian of your tableware, special occasion dishes, and culinary accouterments.


Your Ideal Dining Space

Our assortment of dining room cabinets comprises a spectrum of options for every taste and style preference. Whether you’re looking for a traditional cabinet or a modern one, whether you’re planning to host lavish dinner parties or cozy family meals, our dining cabinets add an extra layer of elegance and utility to your dining room.

Walk through our category of dining room cabinets and explore a world of Redwood dining room sideboards and dining room servers.

Cabinets vs. Sideboards vs. Servers

You might be asking yourself what’s the difference between these three? While many don’t notice, these similar-looking pieces are actually quite different. 


Dining Room Cabinet: They are taller than sideboards and servers. Our cabinets typically have enclosed storage that allows you to safely stow away dishes, glassware, and culinary knick-knacks. It has a sleek vertical design that provides an anchor point and uplifts the aesthetics of your dining area.


Dining Room Sideboards: Sideboards are lower and longer and serve as a surface for serving food and storage options for storing dining essentials. They strike the perfect blend of exposure and concealment. Surface allows you to display your personality while storage lets you hide the clutter.


Dining Room Servers: These are smaller and versatile pieces that fit into the spaces that larger cabinets and sideboards don’t. They provide a mix of storage and serving space and are perfect for tight corners.


Whether you want the structured elegance of cabinets or the versatility of servers, Redwood has an assortment of dining room storage solutions suited to your taste.


Material Makes the Difference

Our dining room cabinets, sideboards, and servers are crafted with a variety of premium materials, allowing you to choose the piece that really speaks to your taste. From classic solid wood renditions to contemporary metal and glass creations, we have every design and material you might want.


The Redwood Difference

As with every piece of furniture we offer, our dining room cabinets, sideboards, and servers are also a reflection of our unwavering devotion to quality. Our furniture is rigorously tested to make sure it’s ready to serve you. Redwood’s seal of approval is assurance of durability, design, and style. 

We are committed to creating a safe environment. That’s why we choose sustainable and responsibly sourced material for creating our future. When you choose Redwood, you show your willingness to create a better future together.

Style and quality shouldn’t be limited by budget constraints. Therefore, our budget-friendly options provide you high-quality furniture at an affordable price. Still waiting? Grab your Redwood cabinet now and bring home durability and elegance.

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