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Mattresses with Bases

Mattresses with Bases

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Welcome to Redwood Furniture. Here, comfort meets innovation in our bespoke collection of mattresses with bases. Welcome to a world where every mattress is a promise of a good night's sleep, amalgamating style, support, and superior comfort.


Find the Perfect Sleep Solution in Our Diverse Range

At Redwood Furniture, we understand that personal means personal. That's the reason our very own selection leads across everything, right from top-of-the-line memory foam mattresses to super stylish hybrid mattresses, along with ground-breaking adjustable beds. Softness for your side, firmness for your back. No matter how you're built, we have the mattress built just right to fit your body and your needs.

Memory foam mattresses are designed for those who need support, hence allowing a customized sleeping experience cradling the unique shape of your body. The Hybrid Mattresses offer the best of responsive support of springs and comfort of foam for those who want the best of both worlds. Explore your personalized comfort with our Adjustable Beds, and discover your ideal sleeping position at the push of a button.

Take your sleep game to the next level with our Cooling Mattresses, filled with cooling gels and breathable material for anyone who really needs a cooler sleep environment to keep the night sweats at bay. Cutting-edge technology in our Smart Mattresses follows your sleep pattern, so night after night, you can get the best rest.


Designs with Modern Sensibilities

Our products are not all just about comfort but also convenience. We offer Beds with Storage that customers can enjoy to have the best space efficiency. It provides enough space with these designs under the mattress to get the bedroom ordered and essentials kept at arm's reach.

Our Luxury Mattresses are attributed to someone who wants nothing less than luxury or a masterpiece. Made of premium quality materials with meticulous detail in the making, these mattresses can lavish an exhibition of classy indulgence that accentuates any bedroom décor.


Why Redwood Furniture for Your Mattresses with Bases?

Because there are so many to choose from, the right mattress is an important decision. Redwood Furniture makes that choice easy with comfort options that fit every sleeping style and preference. Our Ergonomic Mattresses ensure you arise refreshed, with full support for the back and joints.

Dive in and check out for yourself our range of quality mattresses with bases in-store or online. You have been dreaming of a good night's sleep for far too long; turn that dream into a reality with a mattress purchase from Redwood Furniture.

Find your ideal sleeping solution with us today and transform the way you sleep by getting a mattress that's more than just a simple bedding option—it's a lifestyle upgrade.


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