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Bedroom Nightstands

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Conclude your bedroom with Redwood nightstands-a perfect companion for your bed and your personal storage space.

A Place for Your Belongings

Our nightstands fill up the void in your bedroom and give it a complete look. You can place your alarm clock within arm’s reach so you can easily hit that snooze button in the morning. 

Place your lamps, mobile phones, or T.V. remote for easy access. Nightstands let you keep your favorite books close to your heart, and your bed, so you can enjoy reading them at night. 

You can even place the photos of your spouse, children, or parents. Offering convenience and organization, Redwood nightstands add an extra layer of practicality to your room.

From compact single-drawer options to spacious multiple-drawer designs, our bedroom nightstands cater to various storage requirements. Now you can easily throw in your messy clothes to make your room (appear) cleaner. Or you can hide those chocolates when you don’t wanna share them. Some nightstands also have open storage so you can stash your items, place a bin, or decorate it as you will.

Enhance the overall decorative style of your bedroom with a night dresser. Harmonize it with other bedroom furniture, like bedroom dressers or bedroom chests, and let your room reflect your personality.

We Got What You Like

At Redwood Home Furniture, we offer a diverse range of bedroom nightstands of various styles, materials, and finishes. From classic and rustic to contemporary and minimalist, our selection has the perfect nightstand for you so that you can complement your bedroom decor.

Redwood nightstands cater to your unique styles and preferences. Our selection includes white-washed pieces with hand-carved drawers, elegant stands with etched trims and ornate nickel hardware, and chic fabric nightstands with comforting velvet-like textures. With such a diverse variety, you can undoubtedly find the perfect nightstand that reflects your unique taste and blends seamlessly with your bedroom décor.

You Get What You See

Redwood’s exceptional online shopping system ensures that you get white when you order white, not off-white or yellow. Spare yourself the grumbling of dealing with missing hardware, incomplete instructions, unlabeled pieces, incorrectly sized panels, and holes drilled in the wrong spots. 

Say goodbye to the nightstands that take an astronomical amount of time to build. We deliver our products with all the necessary components and clear instructions to assemble even with one hand tied behind your back.

Our exquisite packaging and fortified shipping ensure that the nightstands don’t get scratched and damaged. And even if something unprecedented happens, our customer service team is here to assist you all the time.


Place Your Order Now

At Redwood Home Furniture, we believe in providing high-quality products that are built to last. Our bedroom nightstands are constructed of top quality materials and designed to offer both durability and style. 

Order your nightstand and enjoy the convenience and functionality of a nightstand that meets your unique needs and enhances the overall ambiance of your bedroom.

Browse our diverse collection of bedroom nightstands and create a bedroom space that is truly yours. With our impressive range, competitive prices, and commitment to quality, Redwood Home Furniture promises an exceptional shopping experience.

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