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Youth Bedroom Sets

Youth Bedroom Sets

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Are you looking to transform your teen's bedroom into a trendy, comfortable space? Look no further! Redwood Furniture’s collection of stylish youth bedroom sets is specially curated to cater to teenagers' unique tastes and preferences. These bedroom sets will impress parents and teens with a blend of modern designs, vibrant colors, and functional features.

With Redwood Furniture, you'll find the latest products from the highest-quality brands. In addition to the vibrant colors, we have simple, light colors and pink shades available in various shapes and styles for young ladies and boys.

Our wide product selection lets you find the best teenager bedroom set to suit any style and create an atmosphere of peace with light wooden shades. Let's explore the world of fashionable and functional furniture that will make your teen's room the envy of their friends.

Key Features of Youth Bedroom Sets

A teenage room should be designed in a simple manner, and unnecessary items should be avoided to ensure a clean and tidy environment.

Size and Layout Considerations for Teen Bedroom Sets

With age, children will want more privacy. Depending on the room's size and functional requirements, the layout and location of teen bedroom furniture are important.

Teenagers between 14 and 16 should have enough space to invite friends and play in a room that is suitable for their age group. A youth’s room should generally be large enough for them to express their personal space and be arranged according to their interests. Here are the suggested measurements:

  • For a single room: 14' X 14' = 196 square feet
  • For a shared room: 18' x 17' = 306 square feet

Young adults aged 16 and older will need larger rooms to spend time with their friends and work. In this age group, teens become more independent and may require more space for socializing.

  • For a Single Room:14' X 14' = 196 square feet
  • For Shared Room: 20' x 18' = 360 square feet

Quality Materials: Ensuring Long-lasting Teenager Bedroom Sets

Teenagers need teen furniture sets made from quality materials capable of enduring daily wear and tear and active lifestyle. Make sure the furniture you purchase is made of solid wood, has sturdy metal hardware, and has durable finishes.

It is also important to ensure longevity by having reinforced joints and easy maintenance. With our durable and well-crafted pieces, Redwood Furniture ensures that furniture can withstand teenagers' active lifestyles and daily wear and tear.


Safety Features to Look for in Bedroom Sets for Teens

Teenagers should prioritize safety features when choosing teen bedroom sets. Here are some features to consider for safety:

Sturdy Construction: 

You should choose teenage bedroom furniture with solid and stable construction to reduce the risk of tipping or collapsing. Make sure the corners are reinforced, the legs are sturdy, and the attachments are secure.

Anti-Tip Hardware: 

Ensure that dressers, bookcases, and other tall furniture pieces have anti-tip hardware. These devices anchor the furniture to the wall, reducing the risk of tipping accidents.

Rounded Edges and Corners: 

A rounded edge or corner on the furniture will minimize the risk of accidental bumps or falls injuring teenagers.

Non-Toxic Materials: 

Choose bedroom sets made from non-toxic materials, such as paints and finishes low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This helps create a healthier indoor environment.


Room Color Selection for Teen Girls and Boys

When selecting room colors for teenage girls, it's critical to consider their individual preferences and style. Using soft and pastel hues such as pastel pinks, lavenders, mint greens, or light blues is calming and feminine. Some girls may prefer bolder and brighter colors like hot pink, coral, turquoise, or purple to add energy to their room. With neutral tones such as beige, cream, or light gray, girls can express their style with accent colors. Whatever color they prefer, it's important to choose a color compatible with teen girl bedroom furniture of their choice.

On the other hand, for teenage boys, cool blues and greens such as navy, teal, or olive are popular choices as they create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Earthy tones like brown, tan, or gray can provide a more natural and rustic aesthetic, giving the room a cozy and grounded feel. Similar to girls' rooms, neutral colors can be used as a base, allowing boys to personalize their space with accent colors that reflect their interests and style.

Unisex colors for young bedrooms include light grays, mint greens, aqua blues, soft yellows, corals, light purples, and neutral pastels like blush pink, baby blue, or light peach. In addition to being versatile and playful, these colors appeal to both boys and girls.


Teenage Beds for Small Rooms

Creating a stylish and functional bedroom for youngsters involves careful design choices. Consider incorporating built-in cupboards and worktables mounted on the bed to maximize space. When dealing with smaller rooms, it is important to choose a bed with storage options that fit the shape and dimensions of the room. With nearly a thousand products to choose from at Redwood Furniture, you can easily find the perfect solution for your needs. Our dedicated customer representatives are available to assist you in selecting the most suitable teenage beds for small rooms that meet your requirements.


Exploring the Components of a Complete Teenager Bedroom Set

When designing bedrooms for young people, it is important to prioritize their tastes and not disregard their ideas. Additionally, suitable furniture should be selected according to the size of the room. In a typical youth bedroom, you will typically find the following main furniture items:

Youth Beds

Choosing the right bed for teenagers over 18 is essential for their healthy development and good sleep habits. During these ages, teenagers develop physically and mentally rapidly, leading more active lives than any other age group. Daily activities and sports put a lot of effort into their bodies and cause them to be tired much faster. It is essential to get a good night's sleep in order to regenerate and develop muscles. Comfortable youth beds can provide them with the energy they need quickly.


Mattresses for young people should accommodate their increased physical and mental activities, support their bodies correctly, and ensure uninterrupted sleep. For this age group, it is important to choose beds that are most suitable for sleep. Choosing mattresses made of natural materials that support the body and have suitable hardness and breathing structure is recommended.


Nightstands are compact furniture positioned next to the bed, serving as helpful storage solutions. They usually consist of a flat surface, which can contain drawers or shelves so that items needed during the night can be neatly stored. Nightstands are designed to hold personal items, lamps, alarm clocks, books, etc.

Shelves or Bookcases:

Using shelves in young bedrooms can add a stylish look while effectively utilizing space. Shelves provide storage space for small items and display pictures, contributing to maintaining order and preventing clutter in the room. To properly place shelves in a bedroom, you can take advantage of wall recesses and opt for shelves that match the color of the walls to create an illusion in the room.


Although desks may not be highly emphasized in adult bedrooms, they are essential furniture for young bedrooms. Young bedrooms should provide an environment where teenagers can study without leaving their rooms. A workspace in the bedroom adds a sense of luxury and enhances the room's overall appearance.


In young bedrooms, all accessories and furniture should have a practical use. Therefore, dressers with drawers are indispensable furniture items for young bedrooms. Dressers allow for the neat placement of clothes or towels and offer practical usage. They help teenagers organize their clothes by separating them into different categories.


Mirrors are accessories that can be placed in the bedroom without requiring extra space. A mirror adds a stylish look to the bedroom, creating an illusion of a larger and more spacious room by reflecting light.

Redwood Furniture is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes of bedroom sets depending on the preferences of young people and the size and shape of the room. Through our catalog, which we have created by carefully selecting products from the best quality furniture brands in America, you'll find a variety of perspectives to consider.

Teenage Vanity Set for Girls

The vanity sets has drawers and shelves to place make-up items neatly and a mirror. Stools and chairs often inspire these teen vanity sets, and they can hold everything you need for a complete makeover.


Trends in Youth Bedroom Set Designs

For young people, simplicity and natural colors are the prevailing trends. The most preferred colors for young bedrooms are wooden, accentuated by walnut tones, and white or cream colors. They are more popular with young people because they can be combined easily with other small objects, pictures, and accessories on the wall. Furthermore, white and gray tones create a more spacious atmosphere in young bedrooms, adding warmth.


Teen Bedroom Furniture for Girls

With trendy options in bedroom furniture children for young girls, Redwood Furniture ignites your imagination! Adding a touch of glamor and relaxation to teenage girls' rooms is easy with our solid wood beds and dressers in light pink and white.

Our collection also includes desks that can complement young girls' work and social areas. With Redwood Furniture, you can design your dream room. We inspire young people with our trendy furniture.


Teen Boy Bedroom Set

Blue and purple are the most popular colors on the walls of teenagers' bedrooms. Gray bedroom sets are quite popular for blue walls. The walls and room of a teen bedroom should have as much free space as possible. As teen boys can change their minds so rapidly, a blank wall provides a convenient place for them to hang pictures and change them as needed.


Teenager Bedroom Sets: Affordable and High-Quality Choices          

At Redwood Furniture, we offer various teenager bedroom furniture options to help you effortlessly transform your space. Consider incorporating elements like desks, storage areas, and loft beds designed specifically for teenagers. Our high-quality furniture is built to last, ensuring durability for many years while maintaining a neat and organized living area for young adults.

Liven up your bedroom with our affordable bedroom furniture. From bunk beds, bookcases, and dressers, to chairs, shop the full range of low-priced bedroom furniture online at Redwood Furniture. Choose from our range of youth room furniture to create a stylish and functional space that caters to the needs and preferences of teenagers.

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