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15 Bedroom Color Ideas for 2023: Create Your Dream Space

bedroom color ideas

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Bedrooms are no longer just secluded areas with a bed and a makeup mirror. Instead, they are a space preferred for activities such as reading, exercising, and more. So if you planning to give your bedroom a fresh look for the upcoming year, changing the color scheme is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do it. Colors have the power to influence our moods and emotions, so choosing the right palette for your bedroom can create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

In this blog post, we bring you 15 bedroom color ideas for 2023 that will help you transform your bedroom into a cozy and comfortable space. From muted tones to bold hues, we have curated a list of colors that will suit every style and preference. So whether you want to create a serene environment for a good night's sleep or add a pop of color to your room, we have got you covered. Our experts have carefully selected each color to ensure that it complements the latest trends and styles.

What is a Good Color for a Bedroom?

Bedroom paint colors reflect your taste and have a profound impact on relaxation. So be open to reflecting on your style and check out how your favorite bedroom colors look and what they go with them. With this article on the best bedroom paint colors of 2023, you will be inspired to create your style.

Green bedroom color

1. Green Bedroom

In nature, green is the most prevalent color and is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere in bedrooms. However, avoid very bright and overly saturated shades. Based on your preference, you can create a calming environment with mint green or leaf green. Additionally, sea foam, green, olive-green, or ivory-green can enhance your mood and reduce stress.

Gray bedroom Color Ideas

2. Gray Bedroom

Recently, gray has been a hot tone that adds a modern and rich feeling to living spaces. In addition, it creates a calming effect, providing a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere in bedrooms.

Gray looks well with bright colors. Together with black, pink, red, navy, brown, and bright shades of blue, it adds positive energy to the bedroom furniture. In addition, gray pairs nicely with neutral colors like white and cream. A warmer feel can also be given by adding warm yellows and browns.

Black color bedroom ideas

3. Black Bedroom

In 2023, black overtook pink and navy as one of the most popular paint colors for bedrooms. However, black requires more skill to decorate than other colors. Properly applied can give a modern and sophisticated look, but excessive black use can suffocate the bedroom.

The size of the room and the amount of light it receives are significant factors in adjusting the black tone. In a small bedroom, black should be a less intense tone. Choosing bedding, curtains, or carpets in red, yellow, or orange tones can create an energetic atmosphere in the room. Furthermore, if you decide to go black, you need good lighting.

blue bedroom color ideas

4. Blue Bedroom

Based on the Feng Shui philosophy, blue is one of the best bedroom colors for bedrooms. You can use pastel blue shades for a soft and romantic atmosphere. In addition, colors such as pink, green, and brown can support blue's calming effect, creating a distinct atmosphere in your room.

As a deep calming color, blue can create a beautiful contrast and complement other accessories while also being in harmony with sky blue and sea blue. If you have high ceilings and/or large windows that let in plenty of light, consider decorating with dark blue walls accented with pale pinks and grays.

pink color bedroom style

5. Pink Bedroom

Pink in bedrooms is a great way to create a calming and positive atmosphere. Due to the wide range of color tones available, you'll have many options when choosing accessories that complement your bedroom sets and decor.

However, some pink tones can appear redder or reddish due to the room's lighting. This can lead to unintended consequences. Avoiding pink's possible drawbacks is key to a stylish look in your bedroom. It is, therefore, safer to use light pink tones.

white bedroom ideas

6. White Bedroom

White in bedrooms has many advantages. It is mainly due to its ability to reflect light, making a space appear larger and more spacious. Many top hotels choose white for their bedrooms because of the airy atmosphere it creates. However, as with most colors, there are things to consider when applying white. Your room shouldn't feel like a hospital corridor. Here are some tips to remember :

  • White rooms look softened by tall, flowing curtains.
  • In a white room, adding soft linen drapes keeps it from feeling overly harsh.
  • The same is true of nubby textures, such as that seen in wall hangings, sheepskins, and pillows.

navy blue bedroom ideas

7. Navy Blue Bedroom

Navy blue creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. It harmonizes well with vibrant and deep shades of colors that you can use to create contrast or complement it. For example, buttery yellow and rich mustard yellow tones offer warmth and brightness to navy blue's dull and deep tones. Combining these two like a work of art creates a stunning visual effect.

purple bedroom

8. Purple Bedroom

In a bedroom, purple reflects luxury, power, and sophistication. It is ideal for dynamic, creative people. You can use light lavender, light lilac, and light blue colors to complement purple. Even though purple is a popular color, it emits a lot of energy, which affects sleep quality. For a bedroom that harmonizes well with purple, consider using black, navy blue, white, metallics, gold, copper, and yellow colors.

seaform green bedroom

9. Seafoam Green Bedroom

When choosing a seafoam green color, you should pay attention to every detail. Darker seafoam green tones offer a more dramatic look. However, certain shades may be better for your bedroom. You can achieve a cohesive and harmonious design with this color. Seafoam green harmonizes with white, gray, green, and pink tones.

beige bedroom color idea

10. Beige Bedroom

Beige is a good color for a bedroom that blends well with any furniture style, leaving you feeling light and natural. Different shades of beige go incredibly well with each other. Furthermore, brown wood is the most compatible color with beige. However, brown can also be used in many shades with beige.

yellow bedroom decor

11. Yellow Bedroom

Yellow can illuminate a bedroom with restricted natural light. However, it can also create a feeling of anger and frustration in some people and lead to more frequent crying episodes in babies.

On the other hand, when paired with green undertones, yellow colors can create a fresh atmosphere. They can also add an elegant Mediterranean touch with natural materials such as wood or leather.

cream bedroom set and decor

12. Cream Bedroom

The creamy tones used in modern white bedroom sets create a peaceful environment by increasing natural light. It is aesthetically pleasing and elegant, offering a timeless and practical charm that adapts to changing times along with you.

A cream-colored bedroom has several compatible color options, including lighter shades of blue, pastel pink or peach tones, and lighter green tones. A cream-colored bedroom can also look beautiful with white or wooden furniture.

deep red bedroom decor

13. Deep Red Bedroom

Red is not ideal for a bedroom due to its intense pigment, which can trigger aggression and anger. However, deep red or red shades close to pink can work well in the bedroom. In addition, white or gray carpets, curtains, and bedding sets can enhance a red bedroom's glamour.

A calming and balanced environment can also be created by pairing red with neutral colors such as beige or ivory. Adding natural materials to a red bedroom can help soften its appearance and create a more organic look. Alternatively, you can use red as an accent color instead of the primary color, such as pillows or red furniture.

blush pink bedroom ideas

14. Blush Pink Bedroom

Blush pink, a color close to beige, provides warmth, elegance, and sophistication to a bedroom. It inspires classic or retro designs. It is a universal color for creating different moods and styles in a room. You can pair it with metallic elements such as gold or silver to create a luxurious look. Or, you can even combine it with natural materials like wood or rattan for a more bohemian feel.

terracotta color bedroom

15. Terracotta Bedroom

Terracotta is a sophisticated brown tone and is an excellent choice for neutral rooms that provides calmness and tranquility and helps sleep. Additionally, terracotta matches many colors, such as white, cream, black, gray, beige, pink, red, mustard, green, and cerulean blue.

If combined with natural materials, it can enhance the earthy feel of the room. Besides accent pieces, terracotta can also be used as a statement color in larger statement pieces like accent walls.

When choosing a color, it is vital to consider how much light the room receives. For example, in a bedroom without enough natural light, you should use light colors to brighten up the space and make it feel bigger.

Regardless of the color you choose, if it makes you happy and you want to spend more time in your bedroom, it's your best color.