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Full Beds

Full Beds

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Crafted with a commitment to quality, design, and longevity, Redwood Full Size Beds carry a certain charm that elevates both your sleeping experience and the visual appeal of your bedroom. Each piece in our collection is thoughtfully curated, infusing style and comfort into your ‘nest of dreams.’

Redwood Full Size Beds are tailored for those who are ready to outgrow their twin size beds, yet find the expanse of a queen size bed a bit too much. Our full beds are a seamless fit for your compact apartment, ensuring ample space for other essential furniture.

Quality reflects the heart of Redwood. Our full size bed collection includes beds that are built using high-grade materials to withstand time and remain your comfort partner for years to come.

Our diverse collection features full beds in every conceivable shape, design, and color. From headboards adorned with modern accents that cater to your unique aesthetics, to storage boxes designed to effortlessly declutter your room – we have every solution you might need.

It's no fun when the bed sags in the middle, leaving you with back pain and insomnia. Our sturdy designs, crafted from the finest materials, guarantee that you'll enjoy the sleep you truly deserve. At Redwood Home Furniture, we promise products that don’t creak, ensuring you a peaceful and comfortable rest

Your Full Size Bed deserves a company that accentuates its charm and elevates functionality. Explore our impeccable array of bedroom essentials like dressers, nightstands and bedroom chests.

Each of these pieces brings practicality alongside aesthetic appeal, contributing to a harmonious and stylish bedroom environment.


Redwood: Your Furniture Haven

Immerse yourself in the rich variety of Size Beds at Redwood – a sanctuary for unique and luxurious furniture. Our dedicated customer service team ensures a hassle-free shopping experience, aiding you in finding the 'dream' furniture that perfectly suits your style and comfort preference.

Our secure packaging and reliable shipping guarantee that you receive the exact product you ordered without a single scratch. Step by step guidelines and instructions ensure that assembling your bed is a breeze, with no room for unexpected hiccups. 

Explore other equally comfortable and classy choices for your bedroom:

  • Queen Beds - The perfect blend of luxury and convenience.
  • King Beds - For those who crave unrestricted space and comfort.
  • Twin Beds - Ideal for children's rooms or guest rooms, promising picturesque coziness.

Remember, at Redwood, we believe that valuable furniture is more than its physical presence. It plays a crucial role in creating spaces that spark joy, comfort, and style in your life. Drift into endless nights of serene sleep with Redwood. Order your full size bed today!

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