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Bar Stools

Bar Stools

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If you’re someone looking to upgrade your dining room bar furniture or just add a pinch of charm to your dining space, our bar stools can help you with that. Redwood’s bar stools improve the aesthetics of your interior and also satisfy your needs.

Our collection ranges from rustic to contemporary and every style that you might need for your room. We cater to everyone’s tastes by merging design and utility and bring you the ultimate seating experience. 


Types of Redwood Bar Stools

Adjustability and Swivel Bar Stools

If customization matters to you, our adjustability stools can give you the freedom to modify your searing comfort as you will. Suitable for all ages and heights, these stools are perfect for your dining rooms. Their swivel helps you to socialize and interact effortlessly. 


Upholstered Bar Stools

Are you someone who prefers class and luxury? We have got your back. Our upholstered bar stools are designed with top-notch fabric and comfy cushioning that amp up your comfort level and add sophistication to your room.


Backless Bar Stools

Minimalism at its best, our backless tools are a superb choice for you if you’re low on space and don’t want to compromise on aesthetics either. Our backless bar stools are versatile and can be used in the kitchen, dining room, or wherever you want.


High-Back Bar Stools

Redwood high-back stools provide you the optimum relaxation making it a must-have for your dining room. With excellent support for your back, they offer unparalleled dining and drinking comfort and make your experiences more enjoyable.


Complementary Furniture

Our bar stools effortlessly blend with other Redwood bar furniture like cabinets and wine racks. Enjoy a holistic and harmonious experience by pairing your bar stool with complementary furniture items and boot you the charisma of your space.

Redwood is more than just a furniture store. When you buy something at Redwood, you show your commitment to quality, durability, and class. We continuously strive to provide you the best products and providing the best online shopping experience possible.

So dive into our collection and pick up the one that resonates with your style and needs. Let Redwood make your setup even better and order your bar stool now. Happy Shopping!

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