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Bedroom Dressers

Bedroom Dressers

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Declutter and design your bedroom to the nines! Redwood’s versatile collection of bedroom dressers offers you quality, durability, and aesthetics for your bedroom.

Every bedroom needs a reliable, functional, and well-crafted dresser. Dressers serve primarily as a storage unit for your clothes, accessories, and personal items. However, they can also double as a vanity when fitted with a mirror, offering a convenient space for applying makeup or grooming.

Our bedroom dressers come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs. Whether you need a dresser with ample drawer space to meet your storage needs or a compact one to conceal everyday clutter, Redwood Home Furniture has got you covered.


Clean the Mess up

Do you want to make your messy bedroom or walk-closet cleaner and more organized? Throw your clothes and trinkets in Redwood dressers and clever drawers. There are various versatile options to choose from whether you want boxes with multiple drawer options, combination of large and small drawers or no drawers at all.

Our multiple storage options allow you to sneak in those chocolates without anyone knowing about it!


Elegant Bedroom Dressers Designs

Tired of those cliché unimpressive constructions? Redwood got something different for you. From traditional and rustic to contemporary and modern, we provide a wide range of bedroom dressers to lend an elegant touch to your bedroom decor. 

An elegant dresser can be the perfect addition to our comprehensive bedroom sets. When paired correctly, a bedroom dresser can seamlessly blend in, enhancing a set's overall aesthetic. 

Choosing a dresser that matches the bed and accompanying furniture can create a harmonious and coordinated look. Explore our range of bedroom sets to find the perfect pieces that accompany your chosen dresser. Not limited to storing clothes, bedroom dressers present a chance to display personal flair. 


Versatility of Use

Top them off with decorative items, such as lamps or photo frames, or utilize the space for practical items like nightstands that promote a more organized and comfortable sleeping area.

Dressers can also be used as a TV stand in your bedroom, providing a perfect viewing angle while adding more storage space to the room.


Quality that Will Outlast the Ages

It’s time to cut ties with popped off handles and flimsy drawers that wobble like a breeze. Say hello to our meticulously designed drawers that glide in and out with ease.

Crafted with the finest grade material, Redwood offers you the furniture that doesn’t stink your bedroom.

Fusion of top tier material and excellent craftmanship, Redwood’s sturdy dressers are built to stand the test of the time.


Assemble Your Bedroom Dressers With No Sweat

Ever experienced the indignation while assembling a furniture piece when the holes don’t line up properly? Or when the screws are missing? Or perhaps when you must resort to a self-tapping screw? Or when the pieces are not labelled, and you just have to play guessing game of what goes where? 

Well you are not going to face these problems with Redwood. Our dressers come in clearly labelled parts with instruction booklets that guide you step by step to assemble your furniture from start to end.  

No more haggling, just simple smooth steps toward an elegantly organized bedroom. 

So take back your luxury and order your Redwood dresser now!

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